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UAB "Forestus"

Wood trade and export

The company UAB “Forestus” has been operating since 2010. All the wood we sell is FSC certified.

FSC sertifikatas

We offer large quantities of various certified round wood to the foreign market. We ensure a constant and stable supply to wood buyers, and we are flexible in terms of prices and conditions.

With the help of a large team, using modern equipment, we perform work in an organized, high-quality and fast manner.

In cooperation with various forestry organizations, we constantly update our knowledge and accumulate experience, therefore we respond to various situations in a professional way.


of a managed forest area
100000 m3

of exported round wood a month to all over the world (China, India, Egypt, etc.).
5400 klientų

Satisfied customers all over the world.
10 metų

The company UAB “Forestus” has been operating since 2010.
UAB "Forestus"


** We buy and cut a forest in Lithuania and throughout Germany.

** We sell a wide range of FSC-certified round spruce, pine, birch, aspen, black alder, ash, oak and beech wood (logs, firewood and other blanks). Log lengths - from 3.10m to 11.80m.

** We perform all kinds of work: we cut forests, pull wood, transport it to the port, sawmill or to any desired location and we replant the felled forest.

** We export 100,000 m3/month of round wood to all over the world (China, India, Egypt, etc.).

** We manage a number of forest holdings in Lithuania.

** We perform forest contract works in Lithuania and Germany.

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